Friday, February 20, 2009

1 More Week

There's exactly 1 week left until we hit the slopes for our 2009 Winter Fam-Jam at Massanutten. Maine and I decided we couldn't wait, so we hit Wintergreen last Sunday for a night sessh, that's session in case you aren't down with the lingo.
And Josh was there too, Skiing. He ordered some skis online and has been glued to the UPS tracking site praying they will come in by Friday.
We've been talking about this trip for 2 months and I'm glad its just around the corner. A house full of family, good eats and snow riding activities...who wouldnt be excited?


Anonymous said...

Bobby looks mad creepy in that pic of us at the table.

Congrats on your blog! Ive made one too now we can comment on each others. Yaaaaay. BTW, Ive repeated some of your photos cause we look so freakin awesome in them. HAHAHA.

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