Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Addition


I'd like to introduce the newest member of the Aguilar-Smith team: ANDRE 3K

We got him from our local Richmond SPCA 3 weekends ago, after Josh finished the Monument 10K, (in an hour with little training I may add, Go Josh!). We believe he picked us. We went in the rooms where they have about 10 cats running around and he came right up to Josh and started snuggling up with him. Andre was smart though, cuz he knew it would ultimately be my decision so if I even dared to walk to see another kitty, Andre would twirl around my feet and stop me. When we left the room to take him into a play room, he sat right there at the door waiting for us to return. He loves to be pet and plays with this laser light that Josh hates to use on him because he says its a "unsatisfing prey." He makes these fun noises when hes excited, like a pokemon. I guess you'll have to take a trip to Richmond to fully understand.

Easters came and Josh's mom, Becky, made us this gorgeous wreath. She knew I was attempting to make one but I threw it out after 3 tries. She actually made the wreath by wrapping grapevines that were growing in Josh's grandfather's backyard. The flowers are great and really pop on our black door. I LOVE it!

As spring arrives, Josh has been worried about our yard and the grass. Since we are in a budget Josh's other grandfather, whom I refer to as "hot grandpa" fixed up a fairly new lawnmower and gave it to us! We were so stoked we didn't have to drop $200 dollars on a lawnmower. Instead we used the money to buy a weed whacker, only after i protested and Josh convinced me we really needed one. Josh also bought some gravel for a driveway so we wouldn't have to park itn the mud anymore and his pal Brett came over to help unload it. We only had to pay him a meatloaf sandwich and a coke. Now thats what I call a deal!